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Written by Victorian Trading Co.

Preserving the richness of the most romantic eras, we capture antiquity in our unique gifts, clothing and home decor.


  1. Ladies–how nice to finally meet you! If you check your records, you will find that I have been a customer since maybe the 1970s–whenever you were first Victorian Papers!” I look around my home and see so many of the things in your catalogues, and I have given so many gifts that have been loved and appreciated, and came from you. I believe your company was/is one of the first ones run by women (remember Victoria Magazine?) and for that, I have always been inspired. I was glad to see your pairings with April Cornell, another of my long-time favorites! What a lovely, if small, world!

    I want to say that what has kept me coming back to you again and again, through several marriages, moves, and other life choices, is the essential femininity of your product lines. One can be a thoroughly modern woman and still love lace and teacups! Thank you for your careful attention to detail, and years of pleasure, with more to come.

    I am 67 now, so, partially in jest–are you considering offering a line of coffins any time soon??

    Meg Groeling/Thompson/Reed–and on and on!


  2. I am a long-time customer of Victorian Trading Co. as well. I have to say I’m delighted at the expanded line of merchandise. You’re coming forth with lots of new and exciting items! Your shopping website has been greatly improved and I’m just thrilled at the changes taking place and the direction in which Victorian Trading Co. is going!

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  3. Do you still send out “Paper” catalogs? While I enjoy the ease of email and internet shopping, I do miss receiving your paper catalogs.


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