The Grand Tour: Vacation of the Victorian Era

The itinerary was culture.

A debutante need be immersed. Her manners, tested. Her status, presented.  In the Victorian era, young women traveled Europe to broaden their education. . . and marital prospects.

Follow our fictional friend Johanna on her Grand Tour.

The journey begins. . .







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Upon returning home to London. . .


To which Victorian vacation city would you be most inclined to visit?

8 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: Vacation of the Victorian Era

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  1. What a lovely story! It reminded me of the Merchant/Ivory film ‘A Room with a View.’ And how charming that she traveled so far to ‘meet’ her father’s partner. Mr. Gallagher.

    Cheshire was a nice surprise.

    We are taking a Mediterranean cruise later this summer. This delightful travelog makes me even more excited to see these beautiful and historic places.

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    1. What high praise, friend! We’re ever so grateful you enjoyed the post.

      Cheshire did become quite a character of his own, didn’t he?

      Perhaps on your cruise you could keep a travelog of your very own? Or invest in a book of one who traveled the same sights long ago? Sometimes historical landmarks can feel like a black and white photo. An autobiography lends color.

      It empowers a bygone era with emotion.

      We do so hope you enjoy your vacation, Deanna!


  2. As wonderful as each city sounds, I think I am most inclined to be interested in visiting the City of Amsterdam, Holland. This being said, I would also like to see the architecture and sculptures in Naples and Florence, Italy.

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