What is your Mermaid Name?


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  1. Hello, my mermaid name is Ebba Estuary. Meet me in the shallow end of the tidal pool and I’ll sing you sea shanties, we’ll drink from oyster shells and string pearls. 🙂

    1. Ebba, this is Quinn. I would love to join you in song! move gently over as I bring sea flowers to braid and place in your hair as you teach me a new song.

  2. My mermaid name is Esma Twilight! I am Queen of the mermaids in the ancient city of Azure!

  3. My mermaid name is Marin Pacifica. Which seems to work together since Marin is a county in California, and California’s coastline is the Pacific Ocean. I wasn’t aware that there were so many mermaids

  4. Quinn Delphine which means…Counsel of the dolphins

    Daughter- Esme Tempest …Loved Disturbance (Though her disturbance is ever loved.)

    Perchance could we have one for the guys? Can’t forget our Mermen!

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