Monday’s Child Is Fair of Face Poem


Do tell your lot in life. To which day of the week were you born?

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  1. Alas, I am a Saturday Child who has, indeed, “worked hard for a living.” But I’m blessed in ways that are other than monetary, so it’s all good. Always loved this poem, and it’s lovely to see it being shared again!

  2. I am also a Saturday child and have worked hard all my life, but have had a wonderful life and many blessings.

  3. I am a Monday child. It would be a bit embarrassing to say, “oh yes, I’m fair of face” . It’s a cute poem, but if really accurate, I’m glad I wasn’t a Wednesday child. I love this blog, and since I just signed up recently, it was fun to leaf through each month and read the various entries. Some of the posts: the language of flowers, courting rituals, the use of fans and parasols, as well as the amusing: lie back and think of England, were already familiar to me. The amount of research that goes into this blog must be exhausting, but obviously a labor of love.

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