What Is Your “Anne of Green Gables” Name?


 Names matter a great deal in “Anne of Green Gables” from The White Way of Delight to Cordelia.

Which divinely beautiful name is yours?

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  1. Ruby of Lover’s Lane.

    She dresses in white lace with a single ruby hanging from her throat which is her namesake and was her grandmother’s which was quite the talk of the town in her day. She swiftly and quietly walks on the cool grass towards her smiling lover near the old apple tree in the early evening. A church bell sounds in the distance. On the tree there is a creaking swing with wisteria that begins to perfumes the fast approaching night.

  2. Minnie Mae of Four Winds. I think I have to reread the books, because I have no recollection of any character named Minnie Mae.

  3. “Jane of Windy Poplars” checking in. I see I have ” Windy Poplars” kin on board. LOL

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