Victorian Spiritualism

During the Victorian Era, death was everywhere. The infant mortality rate was alarmingly high, countless lives were lost to industrial equipment, and all the while a single disease could take an entire family. With such an abundance of death, survivors were left full of anguish. Thus Spiritualism – the belief that ghosts exist and we can communicate with them – came into existence. 

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The Arts & Crafts Movement

Following Britain’s Industrial Revolution, a design movement emerged as a way to create products that not only had integrity but were made in a less dehumanizing way. The campaign was coined “the Arts and Crafts movement”, and it had a significant impact on how Victorian society viewed production. The movement reformed the design and manufacture of everything from buildings to jewelry.

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Mourning Jewelry

Queen Victoria lost the love of her life, Prince Albert, to typhoid fever after 21 years of wedded bliss. This tragic loss plunged her majesty into a deep state of mourning for the remainder of her life- almost forty years. To satiate her broken heart, Queen Victoria wore black garments, black jewelry, and black hair accessories. As an example, the above ring was commissioned in honour of her beloved. Along the side of the ring, the initials ‘V’ and ‘A’ are linked in white enamel.

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