Time Period Dramas You’ll Want To See In Theaters

With such a myriad of time period dramas upon us, which ones shall you attend?

A myriad of time period dramas are upon us.

Queen Victoria’s friendship with her Indian secretary is shared in Victoria & AbdulThe Man Who Invented Christmas follows Charles Dickens in his journey to pen The Christmas Carol. And December 25th, a film reveals the wonder of the Victorian Circus through P. T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman.

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From A to V: The Complete Guide to a Marriage like Albert & Victoria’s

Learn their strategy to a love story that leaves a legacy.

Victoria had her doubts.

Marry Albert? She supposed it had always been in the future, something their families alluded. Now, there was pressure to wed. More particularly, there was pressure to wed Albert. 

She wrote to her Uncle Leopold.

Though all the reports of Albert are most favourable, and though I have little doubt I shall like him, still one can never answer beforehand for feelings, and I may not have the feeling for him which is requisite to ensure happiness. I may like him as a friend, and as a cousin and as a brother, but no more. 

Of course, more came. And with it, one of the most remarkable marriage history has come to know.

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Affectionate Fathers of the 19th Century

Not every Victorian father thought children were to be seen and not heard. 

Not every Victorian father thought children were to be seen and not heard.

Robert Louis Stevenson brought his stepson along on his honeymoon. Alexander Graham Bell hoped to give his daughter a strange name. And Harry Houdini. . . You’ll have to read his story to believe it.

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A Timeline of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert’s Courtship

The romance, love letters, and diary entries of the three years taking place between “how do you do” and “I do.”

Welcome to the middle.

Three years. Three years stretch between the time Victoria and Albert said “how do you do” and “I do.” Here lies an account of their courtship period. Told through letters, diaries, and accounts from bystanders.

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Oh No They Didn’t: Victorian Scandals

In true fashion of the era, Victorian scandals were as prim as they were preposterous.

In true fashion of the era, Victorian scandals were as prim as they were preposterous.

The Queen was no exception.

Her reign nearly ended before it began thanks to an accusation. No doubt a ploy to discredit Sir John Conroy, Victoria made veiled accusations targeting a lady-in-waiting who’d recently presented a swollen abdomen. . . and had been most recently traveling alone with the manipulative controller.

Adamant of her purity, Lady Flora Hastings humbled herself to the court’s suspicions and, to her great humiliation, submitted to an examination by the royal doctor.

Her diagnosis of liver disease proved Lady Hastings was, in fact, not with child. Further, it confirmed to Queen Victoria’s adversaries that she still was one.

The “baby” scandal wasn’t the only plot that backfired. . .

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Treasured Victorian Easter Traditions

From Maundy coins to sugar eggs, have you knowledge of these treasured Victorian Easter traditions?

To tell of Easter is to speak of hope.

As well it should be. For the holiday celebrates a promise of new life and the resurrection of one—that of Jesus Christ. His story unfolds from each pulpit on Easter Sunday, but also the days leading up.

The Thursday before hosts what’s known in England as the Royal Maundy. Each sovereign tailors the event in some way. During Queen Victoria’s reign, she determined the event be held at Westminster Abbey.  It is there that she addressed the congregation and upheld the tradition of distributing something much more precious than candy. . .

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Famous Victorian Pets

From the castle to the canvas, these seven pets were the pride and joy of the Victorian Era.

From the castle to the canvas, these pets lightened hearts of the Victorian era.

bobbyBobby The Handcuff King

Bess Houdini brought the fox terrier home with her after an errand to the butcher shop. She’d only tried to gift him with a bone. But at the owner’s protest, Bess had bought him outright.

That’s when the real fun began.

Harry Houdini commissioned paw handcuffs to be made. From there, he trained Bobby in a number of escape tricks. Houdini even positioned him as the headlining act for the 14th Annual Society of American Magicians dinner. Although, it wasn’t terribly difficult to obtain since he was president of the society at the time.

To keep Bobby with him during his European tours, the magician smuggled him across the borders in hidden compartments of his props.

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