The Curious History of the Hope Diamond

Evelyn Walsh McLean donning The Hope Diamond. Image by © CORBIS

On September 11th, 1792, chaos ruled in the streets of Paris. The French Revolution had begun and the royal family hid away from the rioting crowds. It was on this day, in the midst of mass turmoil and confusion, that the crown jewels vanished. Most precious among them was “The Blue Diamond” or “The French Blue,” a stunning feat of nature and prize of the French crown. It was described as being “of a faire violet” hue, at times appearing deep sapphire blue and in certain light possessing a rosy glow. In addition to its remarkable size (almost 70 carats), this unique coloring rendered the French Blue truly one of a kind. Indeed, only 1 in 100,000 diamonds are colored diamonds, and blue and pink are the most rare among them. Continue reading “The Curious History of the Hope Diamond”

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