Lady Spring Poem

Don’t tell Spring a secret if you wish to keep it so.Even her buried treasure cannot help but grow…

Don’t tell Spring a secret if you wish to keep it so.

Even her buried treasure cannot help but grow.

After winter’s hush and hiss, she’s destined to be

A little of a tattletale and share in what she please.  

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Treasured Victorian Easter Traditions

From Maundy coins to sugar eggs, have you knowledge of these treasured Victorian Easter traditions?

To tell of Easter is to speak of hope.

As well it should be. For the holiday celebrates a promise of new life and the resurrection of one—that of Jesus Christ. His story unfolds from each pulpit on Easter Sunday, but also the days leading up.

The Thursday before hosts what’s known in England as the Royal Maundy. Each sovereign tailors the event in some way. During Queen Victoria’s reign, she determined the event be held at Westminster Abbey.  It is there that she addressed the congregation and upheld the tradition of distributing something much more precious than candy. . .

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The Crowning of May

The ancient rite that is May Day originated in the English countryside before the Middle Ages as a celebration of the halfway point between spring and summer. But it is perhaps best remembered as a popular Victorian festivity. Continue reading “The Crowning of May”